Chapter #2 – Paul’s City-Wide Discipleship Strategy

Digging deep into Acts 19 this chapter explores the step by step process Paul implemented in Ephesus with some observations on how this strategy could still be used today.

Current version 1.0 (updated 11.7.08)

Download Chapter #2 – Paul’s City Wide Discipleship Strategy

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10 12 2008
Missional vs. Attractional vs. House Church Models all have the SAME flaw « From Eden to Zion

[…] Not only is there not a command in the New Testament to build or plant a church there is not a single narrative in Acts where you see Paul or anyone else involved in the activity of church planting.  Thousands of churches emerged through Paul’s ministry but he didn’t build them, they emerged as Paul proclaimed the gospel, made disciples and released the 5-fold ministry (Ephesians 4:11).  [Read this for one example of this in Acts 19] […]

17 12 2008
The Sin of Sheep Cloistering « From Eden to Zion

[…] to all the 5-fold equippers and aligns them under one unified head.  I pray for the return of the city church with one mission (making disciples), with one label (Christians) under one head […]

1 03 2009

This is very good stuff. Derek Prince contains something similar in his book Rediscovering the Church.

On the teaching/dialogue issue, there is a time for just laying down “this is what the bible says”, not inviting opinion, though discussion of meaning/implications can follow – in the modern age, use of printed materials/internet sites to set out basic doctrine can be useful.

Small typo point: Only after we have worked to build-up and coordinate with
these willing leaders should be [***we? typo***] move out toward those who will instantly erect walls.

Keep going; excellent.

25 03 2009
Church Planting - The latest Good Mission to Replace The Great Commission « From Eden to Zion

[…] it doesn’t work.  Why make more of what isn’t working?  Why not do what Paul did in Acts 19 which was NOT to plant a new church but to start a city-wide disciple-making movement.  […]

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