The Tyrannus Effect Book

I’m slowly and carefully working through a book called “The Tyrannus Effect: Restoring Paul’s Strategy for City-Wide Discipleship”.

As I have almost daily discussions with church leaders about the restoration of the city-church in order to create a city-wide discipleship movement, I find I owe them a more complete written argument for their consideration.  I’m less concerned about publishing this in print as I am convinced that this work must exist as an essential part of inviting others to join us in this effort.

Below you’ll find the chapters as I complete each one as well as an open invitation to feedback on these ideas.  I’ll be constantly rewriting these chapters and posting subsequent versions of each.  I appreciate any of you who are willing to walk through this process with me.

Chapter #1 – One Clear Mission

Chapter #2 – Paul’s City-Wide Discipleship Strategy

3 responses

17 08 2009
Rachael Devlin

I’ve found your blogs and book chapters especially helpful to my essay;

“From the data in Acts 13-20, sketch Paul’s method(s) of building up the church.”

I hope you find a publisher for your book, because it’s really great 🙂

20 08 2009

In 2009 what do you really know about long ago dead “Paul”?

In 2009 “Paul” is really just the principal character in a work of imaginary religious story-telling called the Bible—just as Krishna is the principal character in the Bhagavad Gita, and Rama in the Ramayana.

. Such religious story-telling was very common throughout the ancient world. Such story

5 05 2014
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