Decision 08: Socialist Surprise or Hockey Mom at the Helm

15 10 2008

I’m totally confused and here’s why.

There was no question I was going to vote for John McCain a couple of months ago.  He embodies the three things I want most in a President – a strategic military commander, a social conservative and a believer in small government.  But the McCain campaign has made one blunder after another embodied in two words – Sarah Palin.  Through that pick McCain went from being the experienced, country first, uber Patriot to someone willing to play politics with our future (and his use of Ayers and gimmicks like buying all the bad mortgages in America continue to demonstrate this).  I really like Sarah Palin.  I’d love for her to be mayor of my town or even possibly, governor of my state, but I have no confidence that she is ready to be President of the most powerful nation on the Earth in a very dangerous time in history.

So I’m forced to take another long look at Obama.  Of the four people on the two tickets Obama is the one I like by far the most.  I wouldn’t only like to have a beer with him, I’d go on vacation with his family (I doubt I’d feel comfortable going on vacation with the McCain’s at any of their 7 houses).  But I totally disagree with Obama on almost everything (except diplomacy and the environment).  And with the dominate democratic congress we will have in 2008 he will be able to reform our nation from the ground up and I fully believe we will be in for a socialist surprise.  He will grow government in a way that perhaps we have never seen in history (other than perhaps during FDR).  And on the tax side he claims he will only raise taxes on 5% but he has also said he will dramatically raise the capital gains tax.  That will raise taxes on 50% of Americans (everyone who has a 401K or investments of any kind).  Raising capital gains at a time when people are pulling their money out of the Stock Market seems crazy to me.  The capital gains is the primary determining factor in my decisions to invest (whether in businesses or real estate).  I can’t imagine what that will do to our financial sector.  And I’m saying nothing about the abortion question that is closer to my heart than any other single issue.

So there you have it.  Someone please help me because on November 4th when I’m staring at that ballot I’m going to have two thoughts in my head – Socialism vs. Hockey Mom.  What should I do?  Why did you do this to us McCain?