Live with us for a season at Storyhill

6 06 2008

Checkout the page I’ve added to give everyone info on the opportunity of living life with our family for a season – Stay at Storyhill.

Families, young marrieds, singles all welcome!  God’s been really challenging us to open our lives and demonstrating to us that discipleship involves being spiritual fathers and mothers which requires giving people greater access.  This is an attempt to be obedient to that calling and to see what God will do.

A Typical Night at the Story-Formed Life

11 05 2008

The 10 nights we do the Story-Formed Life need to have a certain tone or vibe.  Here I describe what that is intended to be and how we try and create it.

What is the Story-Formed Life Discipleship Training?

2 05 2008

If you know anything about what I actually do you know I spend a great deal of time training disciples and training trainers of disciples and all of this begins with a course called “The Story-Formed Life”.  I’m spending so much time in fact that I’m thinking about creating a site that will help equip people to use this training and the center of that site will be a video course.

So from time to time I’ll post videos here that I’m making for that course.

Here’s my first shot at it –