The Way of Faith and Sukkot

1 10 2007

Sukkot“By faith Abraham lived in tents…For he was looking forward to the city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God.”

For his entire life Abraham maintained his identity as a sojourner on the Earth. Unlike Lot who moved into the city of Sodom and was nearly assimilated into their culture and destroyed by God’s wrath, Abraham remained apart.

This week is the festival of Sukkot where God instructs us to move out of our homes, build a temporary dwelling (a Sukkah), and live like sojourners. We are to remember that all things on this Earth are temporary except other people and our God.

In the years of your sojourn are you clinging too tightly to the things of this world? Is your life centered around the eternal?

Stay fit
Travel light
On the move
Savor Relationships

Be a stranger
In a strange world
Peering ahead
To YOUR city
To Zion