Sydney (3 year old) demonstrates her online painting techniques

28 07 2007

Lemonade Stand

5 05 2007

My daughter just pushed this little how to video out for anyone looking into raking in the money!

Sayings in a Day

20 04 2007

My wife emailed this to me tonight –Elisa cutness

A Day in the life of the Pryor household:

Kelsey [age – 7] – “Mom, thanks so much for e-mailing my story to Miss Leftin.  She downloaded it onto her thumb drive and gave it to me so I could upload it onto the desktop at school and do my editing. It was soooooo much easier than retyping the whole thing.”

Jackson [age – 6] – “Did you know that Sydney fits in her pillow case?”

Sydney [age – 3] – “Mom, say ‘what’s by your eyes.'” Me – “Sydney, what’s by
your eyes?” Syd – “Oh, that’s just my glasses.”

Elisa [age – 1] – “Meeeee!” (When Jeremy asks the kids at the dinner table –
“Alright kids, who wants to learn how to SEO?”)
Sending giggles your way,