Should Christians Create Controversy?

17 10 2007

Christian DemonostrationJesus promised persecutions but we are rarely persecuted.  Jesus said a servant is not above his master and if they treated him this way we should expect more of the same…but that’s not been our experience.  Why?

The first and most disturbing answer that comes to mind is maybe we’re not following Jesus – maybe he’s not our master.   Shouldn’t Christ-followers be the most polarizing figures in society?  Shouldn’t Jesus’ disciples be constantly challenging religious leaders publicly?

Recently I’ve found myself believing the teaching of Jesus at a more radical level as I’ve engaged in intentional discipleship.  And I find myself becoming more disturbed by beliefs that oppose his teachings.  But there is a step I have not taken.  I sit here on this blog and spout these beliefs mostly to people who care about me and trust my character.  But I’m one step away from really choosing to CREATE controversy.

So my question is simple.  Are Christ-followers supposed to cross that line?  All of my training, all that has been modeled to me and all of my culturally conditioned values say NO.  But I have not been commanded to follow those things.  Jesus commands “follow me”.