Tower Defense Mania

25 09 2007

BloonsI recently challenged some of my friends with these tower defense milestones.

Here are the latest Tower Defense Challenges for those interested –

Bloons = Beat game with only 3 monkeys (no super monkeys) other towers unlimited
Flashcraft = Beat game on hardest level
Desktop = Beat game on medium
Onslaught = Get to wave 149
Antbuster = Get to Level 74

This is the best I’ve been able to do. If you can do any of these and NOT research strategies on the forums or collaborate with others send me the screen shot, post your accomplishment as a comment on this blog and I owe you a drink.

If you come across this post and want to join in feel free and post your results but I’m only going to buy a drink for people I know.

UPDATE *** If you get someone new to join and pass a challenge you’ll earn one drink upgrade (but I won’t buy them a drink if I don’t know them. You can pony up if you so choose.)

UPDATE *** OK, here’s the Benihana challenge.  Anyone who completes all 5 (plus the 2 bonuses below) by the end of 2007 will get a free lunch at Benihana’s.

Bonus 1 – Stalingrad complete German Invasion (this one has nice soothing music)

Bonus 2 –  Budapest Defenders complete on Expert

Assistance – If you give up on a challenge you can email me for strategy help but then you owe ME a drink BUT, if you can beat it, it will still count toward your Benihana Lunch.