Awesomeness Aggregator Part 3

6 05 2009

It’s time once again to spread the awesomeness around so here’s the top 5 –

#5. Sustainable Living Books.  I’m quickly falling in love with this genre.  I was entranced by Barbara Kingsolver’s book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle about her family’s year long local food experiment.  The best writing award in this genre has to go to Michael Polan and his engrossing research narrative The Omnivores Dilemma. Both are available for download at  And if you want to plant a garden you absolutely must get one book – The Backyard Homestead (ht – Liz).  It will blow your mind with what you can do with a small backyard with the best diagrams and how-to’s you’ll find anywhere.

#4. Documentaries. Honorable mention must go to recent hits like Surfwise and King of Kong but the best documentary I’ve seen all year has to be Bigger, Stronger, Faster.  It was beautifully crafted and captured so many stunningly real moments.  Chris Bell (who appears to be Mike Edward’s long lost brother) is the master at gently asking the hard questions.  (available for instant watch at Netflix).

#3. The Hunt for Golem.  This 40-minute fan film has catapulted its volunteer band of film makers into instant hero status within Tolkien fandom and, despite the fact that I expect they’ll spend the rest of their natural lives in court being sued by the dark horde of LOTR license holders, I must say, its the most stunning low budget independent film I’ve seen since Primer.

#2. Family Business Workshop by Gregg Harris.  I’ve been looking for someone to lay out the biblical basis for starting a family business (something I’ve felt alone in teaching) and I was so encouraged to listen to this excellent set of teachings by homeschool pioneer Gregg Harris.  His tips on which businesses to start are a bit obsolete since they are before the internet really erupted but his biblical basis for family business talks were outstanding.

#1.  This is a shameless plug for a business some friends and I are launching this week out of our video production company epipheo studios.  It brings together the latest, most powerful, paradigm shifting videos online.  And if you’re wondering what the heck an epipheo is click on the video below.

Don’t forget to put any awesomeness you’ve discovered in the comments and if you’re looking for even more awesomeness check out part 1 and part 2 in the series

Awesomeness Aggregator Part 2

5 11 2008

Top 5 for this week

#5 – Ben Afleck on SNL especially his impersonation of Keith Olbermann (his Alec Baldwin was also excellent).  I almost have it memorized it was that good (watch some Olbermann clips on youtube if you need some context to appreciate the immensity of this satirical achievement).

#4 – CNN’s hologram technology.  This gets me one step closer to being able to be everywhere while never leaving my cave.  Where can I get one?  I’m doing a training in Seattle at 2pm, Boston at 4pm and then play basketball with my daughter at 6.  No introverted Apostolic ministry should be without it.

#3 – Netflix is finally creating Instant Watch movie technology for the Mac.  A year too late but you know what they say about better late…

#2 – Whiteboards for Scripture Memory (the guy in that picture is not me…barely) – Anyone who knows me knows I think whiteboards are an invention up there with the wheel.  I still don’t understand how they work but that’s beside the point.  I have about 7 whiteboards in my office and I’ve set one aside for Scripture memory and another for Words from the Lord.  My goal is to be completely surrounded by the words God is speaking to me when I enter my office.  I love having a clear snap shot of what God is communicating right there for meditation.  This is what I look like working on my whiteboards (Heroes ref.)

#1 – The Heavenly Man Audio – Wow! Wow! Wow!  April and I both listened to all 10 hours in less than 3 days.  I have so much to say about the three day journey I went through listening to this that I cannot begin to lay it out here.  Just do yourself a favor and go download this and start listening and come talk to me about it.

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That’s what I got, what ’bout you?

Awesomeness Aggregator Part 1

23 10 2008

Where I find all the awesomeness out there so you don’t have to.

Top 5 for this week

#5 – Galcon Lite: My favorite game on the Iphone so far.  I’ve never seen a game that so quickly tests your ability to intuitively strategize.  Get yours at the App store for FREE!

#4 – Cheap Audio of “The Shack”:  Whether you love it or hate it $6 is a great price and the narration is very well done.  When you finish listen to the author interviewed here and read this review before you freak out about his theology.

#3 – Understanding the Real America – Wassila:  Pee my pants funny.  Loved the guy showing his morality on his sleeve.  Who wants to launch a discipleship training center in Wassila just so we can Midrash with that dude?

#2 – Stossel’s Guide to Politics: Watch all 5 parts!  Why do we look to the government to solve all of our problems?  Brilliant explanation of why we need to keep government small.

#1 – Just put our house on this site looking forward to our first exchange.  Who wants to vacation in Burlington KY first???

What awesomeness have you found?  It’s time to share the love!

What is Awesomeness?

26 12 2007


Thought this poster would help bring us closer to defining this word increasingly emerging in our vocabulary (as well as putting our tawdry lives into perspective). I think I’m going to need to get this poster for my son who’s a raving Star Wars fan (yes I’m one geek that spawned another geek…deal with it. As long as we can find someone to mate with us we’ll keep making more.) 🙂