Family-Based Discipleship

4 08 2009

Here’s a teaching I gave on August 2, 2009 on Family-based discipleship training.

Audio – Family-Based Discipleship Audio

Slides – Family-Based Discipleship Slides

By the way I’m working on a completely new blog based more on 30 page articles, videos and mp3s with blog posts being simply one of the mediums but I need a custom platform in order to design and organize the content correctly so it’s taking some time to launch.  Stay tuned.



7 responses

28 08 2009
Michelle Eastman


How are you my friend?

Any new children to report?

I so wish we could get our families together – I would love to see you in action as a husband and father. :o)

Miss you,

30 08 2009

Thanks for that audio, Jeremy.

My favourite part is your comment that God loves orphanages, though there’s far more that I like, too.

29 09 2009
Craig Bertrand

Completely nailed it man! Fantastic teaching.

14 03 2010

Hello there~ I would like to know if you are still working on proclaiming what God is showing you in the area of refocused ministry/discipleship and how God plans on rebuilding His Church. I am very interested in chatting with you about this. Thank you~

8 04 2010

Great slides and audio. Looking forward to the future material you post.

5 05 2010
Mr T

You could still use WordPress, if you hosted the site yourself. They have plugins for that sort of stuff.

30 09 2010

When’s that new website gonna drop?

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