What if we are already one?

9 03 2009

I’m often asked questions like –

  • Why do you think church planting is often divisive?
  • Why do you work with many churches instead of sticking with one?
  • Why do you refuse to recognize denominational walls?
  • Why do you identify yourself with this unseen “city church”?

Because I believe we ARE one.  I’m not trying to unify the church, I’m simply trying to work with a church that is already one.  Just because many of God’s children act like we’re not members of the same family it doesn’t change these realities.  Two kids in a family may squabble and wish they were not siblings but its the father who holds his family together.  Their momentary strife isn’t going to change the fact that the father sees them as members of the same family and neither should it change the prospective of the Father’s servants – you and me.

Roland Allen nailed this in the below paragraph in “Missionary Methods” –

St. Paul began with unity.  In his view the unity of the Church was not something to be created, but something which already existed and was to be maintained.  Churches were not independent unities: they were extensions of an already existing unity.  There could be no such thing as two churches in the same place both holding the Head, yet not in communion one with another…If a member was united to the Head he was united to all the other members.

What would happen if we all adopted this as the one true reality concerning our relationship to one another?



3 responses

10 03 2009

Quoting an Anglican — nice!

10 03 2009

really like this…. the metaphor of the squabbling children is so accurate. indeed we are one, if we belong to Jesus, whether we choose to recongize it or not. we pray that more people would beging simply recognizing it…

11 03 2009
Bob Kuhn

Nice article Jeremy & nice comment Daniel, “Indeed we are one, if we belong to Jesus, whether we choose to recognize it or not.”

I think the trick is to recognize the things that are real, while not recognizing the things that are not. I would love to get to the place where I could recognize and honor God’s chosen leaders/elders of a city church, proven through the relationships they have formed, the people they have influenced for Christ, and spiritual fruit they have produced; while, at the same time, learn to ignore the bogus positional authority and titles many hold as a result of being good at church politics and self promotion. For example, the true “elders” of a particular church may be an older uneducated prayer warrior and a Godly church janitor, rather than the earnestly recruited, highly educated, well paid pastor.

If we can learn to function by recognizing all that is “kingdom real” while ignoring all that is not, we may be on our way.



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