The Great Commission in One New Sentence

17 11 2008

I think the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-21) lays out a very clear mission and method for discipleship but everywhere I go it seems people are ceaselessly asking the question “how do Christian grow and mature”.  Such as the latest post on David Fitch’s blog under that title.

So, since we seem to often miss the practical nature of the Great Commission, I want to boil it down:

Go to all nations = continual, world-wide expansion

Make disciples = initiate a systematic, clear, repeatable discipleship process

Baptizing them = death to self and resurrection into a devoted trinitarian community

Teaching them to obey = training

Everything I have commanded you = comprehensive

So if you want to see Christians “grow and mature” why not try this:

Create a clear, systematic, repeatable, comprehensive discipleship training process for those who have died to themselves and been resurrected with Christ baptizing them into a devoted trinitarian community and repeat until we disciple all the nations on Earth.

Since we’ve tried everything else and it hasn’t worked, lets try Jesus’ idea for a change.



8 responses

17 11 2008
Jonathan Brink

Jeremy, sometimes we have to exhaust what doesn’t work before we’ll try what does work.

17 11 2008
Matt Tebbe


Thanks for your post over on Fitch’s blog…this is Matt Tebbe here, one of the co-pastors at Dave’s church. I’d love to hear how specifically your discipleship plan is worked out – maybe hear a few stories of what it looks like, or if you have more “meat” on your sketch above, perhaps that too – I realize that might be asking a lot, but i’m intrigued.



17 11 2008

I’m confused . . . are you saying that we have exhausted them or that we should keep trying what doesn’t work?

18 11 2008
Jonathan Brink

I’m saying that as broken human beings we like to try what we think works. But we usually have to reach a point of exhausting the original idea before we’ll turn to what does work.

19 11 2008

Jonathan: Thus far, what would be some examples of things that people “think work”?

21 11 2008
Jonathan Brink

Mark, the idea of sitting in church on Sunday morning as a means of discipleship.

25 11 2008

You mean all this time, shuffling in and shuffling out isn’t discipleship? I thought that’s where we had to wait in line for the elders to notice our zeal.

25 11 2008

Matt, it was great talking to you on the phone. I hope many disciples are made through your ministry to Chicago!

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