5-fold Ministry Appreciation Sorter

13 11 2008

If you feel a special call by God you may have realized you’ve received one of the 5-fold gifts from Ephesians 4 – Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teacher but which one?  In my never-ending attempt to find ridiculous generalizations for these 5 here’s another.

  • Apostles have an unusual appreciation for white boards
  • Prophets have an unusual appreciation for off color humor
  • Evangelists have an unusual appreciation for unique pubs and exotic coffee shops
  • Pastors have an unusual appreciation for comfy homes
  • Teachers have an unusual appreciation for cash back credit cards



9 responses

13 11 2008

haha. i love it. help me with the teacher one though? why the fondness of cash back rewards?


14 11 2008

yeah, sorry jp. i see where you’re going with #5 but i gotta side mirror sam on this one. i was hanging out with an actual “teacher”(SG) today and he was like “huh? i don’t even use a credit card” or something like that. 2-4 are solid. i hate white boards. may i suggest you make the following amendments for 2.0?

Apostles have an unusual appreciation for (strategical) board games

Teachers have an unusual appreciation for Amazon.com

14 11 2008

Ben – i like where you’re going with those. Consider them assimilated into appreciation sorter 2.0

Sam – its more that teachers either seem extremely frugal or they just don’t like thinking about money (to Ben’s point).

14 11 2008
Spiritual Gifts and Personality: Is There a Relationship? « What I’ve Been Thinking About…

[…] light Jeremy’s post today I would like to discuss this issue with some seriousness. I pose a simple question: What is […]

14 11 2008

Jeremy, I don’t know if how much of your belief is contained in the sarcasm. Do you find those characterizations funny and generally true or just ridiculously false?

I am actually interested in this subject because I’ve taken a lot of spiritual gifts and personality tests. I wonder if there is a true correlation. I invite everyone to discuss this on my blog at davidreaves.com.

15 11 2008

Teachers …er…. poor Young Life leaders have an unusual appreciation for 52 free Combo meals from Chick-fil-a, and will gladly camp out overnight in the cold rain to get them.

16 11 2008
Bill Faris

I’ll take “Pastors” for five-hundred:

Answer: “These folks have a fascination with the sound of their own voice.”

Any takers?

17 11 2008
Mike Edwards

So two Jews were sitting in a rowboat and a black guy comes along…


17 11 2008
sam melden

i see…. while i like those you came up with, i think the potential can of worms in the comment section might be hilarious as well.

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