Awesomeness Aggregator Part 1

23 10 2008

Where I find all the awesomeness out there so you don’t have to.

Top 5 for this week

#5 – Galcon Lite: My favorite game on the Iphone so far.  I’ve never seen a game that so quickly tests your ability to intuitively strategize.  Get yours at the App store for FREE!

#4 – Cheap Audio of “The Shack”:  Whether you love it or hate it $6 is a great price and the narration is very well done.  When you finish listen to the author interviewed here and read this review before you freak out about his theology.

#3 – Understanding the Real America – Wassila:  Pee my pants funny.  Loved the guy showing his morality on his sleeve.  Who wants to launch a discipleship training center in Wassila just so we can Midrash with that dude?

#2 – Stossel’s Guide to Politics: Watch all 5 parts!  Why do we look to the government to solve all of our problems?  Brilliant explanation of why we need to keep government small.

#1 – Just put our house on this site looking forward to our first exchange.  Who wants to vacation in Burlington KY first???

What awesomeness have you found?  It’s time to share the love!



9 responses

23 10 2008

man this is way better than talking about boring schmoring politics. I wish I had something to post now but at the cost of posting something quasi-awesome and losing blog comment credibility I will refrain.

25 10 2008
Bill Faris

I agree about the Stossel thing. I saw the 20/20 thing he did last week and thought it was one of the best hours I have spent watching TV in a long time.

My nomination for your list is the John Adams miniseries put out by HBO last year, now on DVD. Right now, I’m about halfway through it. Paul Giammati (sp?) continues to amaze (what range this guy has!). And it is based on the work of the guy who wrote 1776, a thoroughly engrossing book I read last year.

I’m completely blown away by the Adams thing — especially as this election cycle winds out. I highly recommend this production as a way to reconnect with the things, people and events that formed the very guts of this nation. Boy do we need their sensibilities and servant attitudes again (I think Stossel would agree!). Getting mine from Netflix. Easy as pie.

31 10 2008
Mark Treas

This could change the world

1 11 2008
Mike Edwards

John Stossel is my libertarian hero.

2 11 2008
Mark Treas

2. Search
3. Listener Profile
4. thenorthface1
5. The Summit Series Radio
*A collection of some pretty good and mellow tunes.

2 11 2008
Mark Treas

Nay, 50% of the tunes are awesome, the other half…not so much

6 05 2009
Awesomeness Aggregator Part 3 « From Eden to Zion

[…] discovered in the comments and if you’re looking for even more awesomeness check out part 1 and part 2 in the […]

17 06 2010

have you ceased to post here? i actually found this site via google when looking to vacation in burlington, kentucky!

5 09 2011

We are the alternative to #1! We are hoping to get our first house swapper from Burlington, KY 🙂

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