Restoring the Mission as City-Wide Discipleship Podcast (Seattle, August 2008)

9 09 2008
  • What did Paul actually do when he spent a year in a new city?
  • Why is the Christian faith not having a deep impact on most Christians or the culture in general?
  • Do we have a central mission around which everything else is formed?

These are questions I’ve wrestled with for a long time and in this conversation I lay out what I believe to be the biblical mission that must be restored to the church – city-wide discipleship.

In this podcast we discuss –

  • Why restoration is needed without falling into restorationism
  • I share my journey in rediscovering the centrality of discipleship as the mission
  • We midrash 3 passages as a group (Mt. 28, Jn 17, Acts 19-20)
  • We discuss how church structures interact with the need to disciple a city
  • We talk about the need for the re-emergence of the city-church
  • We share how we use the Story-Formed Life to begin a training center

Listen to the podcast by clicking the link below (to download right click and “save target/link as”)

Restoring the Mission as City-Wide Discipleship Podcast
To see the slides click here



4 responses

12 09 2008

Jeremy, I can’t help but think you’ve nailed it. I know that there will be modifications and changes and so on, but the “Tyrannus Effect” model seems to incorporate everything I’ve been seeing – the benefit of large group meetings, the use of different giftings in the body, the fact that some people with the gift of administration have a gift that can cope with a huge project – something house churches don’t provide, the meeting prescription in 1 Corinthians 14, preaching and teaching gifts that are far above the ordinary church level, let alone the house church level, citywide ministry, city churches and so on.

I have been wondering whether there is another way existing Churches might adopt the model. Do you think that a training centre could be developed where pastors of different churches in a city came together to lead a training centre (without someone from outside) and provide gifted people from their own churches, while still maintaining the present style of church? The problem could arise that people started following teachers, pastors, evangelists etc to their own churches, but I don’t know that would necessarily be a big problem (though it might for the pastors involved!)…

It also occurred to me that YWAM discipleship training schools are actually a form of training centres, though they are not usually located in a city for the benefit of the city church per se. It makes things fall into place for me if I consider the parachurch organisations that God has blessed actually being part of his plan for the Church, operating regardless of the Church’s disobedience and misapplication of biblical structure. What that would mean to me is that God’s purposes for the Church have not been thwarted – like most of his fallen creation, people and organisations and everything follow what he has created them to do, even if not in the best and most godly way.

18 10 2008

If you’ve got a moment, could you weigh in on my questions above, Jeremy?

18 10 2008

Yes, we’re working on how traditional church structures can be incorporated into a training center. I haven’t written much on this topic because we don’t have a working model of that happening but pursuing that is my primary focus at the moment. I’d like to see pastors and church leaders having the option to utilize the city church as a training center (ideal) or allow us to send people into their church to assist with training while they send trainers to the city church to build up the city as a whole.

Also, yes YWAM would be an ideal partner in this endeavor if their vision can encompass an understanding of the call of the city church. I’ve been writing a bit about this from a study I’m doing in Acts 19 I’ll shoot over to you via email for feedback. Thanks for engaging in this. Your insights are very helpful.

20 04 2009
josephine turner

hi, my name is josephine i’m writing you ,asking for a sugessting on how to start a citywide mission in my local town .

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