God’s Growing Anger with my Generation

4 09 2008

I had a very unusual experience last week that I wanted to describe to you.

Every morning I ask the Lord to teach me and he usually gives me a passage of Scripture that we converse about.  On this morning I immediately heard “Numbers 14” so I read about how Moses interceded for the house of Israel when they refused to go into the Promised Land.  God promised that none of that generation would enter in.  He initially wanted to destroy them and make a nation out of Moses but Moses knew the heart of God and made an argument with God that, for His glory and His reputation, He should find another way.

Then I felt God turn to me and tell me to intercede for my generation.  And as I prayed I began to feel the growing anger.  I’ve never felt this before (except for a specific person) so I asked the Lord why he was angry.  This is the Word I felt He gave me –

“Fruitless has been my careful cultivation of this generation”

Now I’m not a prophet so I rarely get specific words from the Lord especially for others so this is new for me.  I took it to the Gathering of our Body and it was immediately confirmed as I submitted it to them.  I’m sure many of you are sceptical of this kind of thing (as am I) so lets just explore the possibility that our generation (I’m thinking of us Xers) have not born the fruit God intended us to bear.

Just think of the resources poured out on our generation in the 70s and 80s

  • Multiple Youth Pastors in every city and town
  • Flourishing para-church ministries like Young Life and Youth for Christ
  • Bible Colleges in every corner of the country
  • International Stability (none of us were drafted into any wars)
  • Financial Stability like no other time in history
  • Societal Stability where most of America was safe and justice visited upon criminals

So these were God’s astounding gifts to our generation and where’s the fruit?  We seem so caught up in our self-focussed conversations about what we want church to be that we can easily forget that God is an investor expecting a FULL return, many-fold, for all he has poured into us.  Where is the fruit?  Do we even care if we’re fruitful?  Have we forgotten that God demands a return?  Do we really think all of these blessings are simply for our enjoyment?

I get the picture that we are like a Judges Generation.  When God grants peace we run to our idols until God shakes things up (removes the hedge of protection and abundant blessing).

During the next 20-30 years many of us will be leaders of American Christianity.  Here are three things I think we should do –

  • Pray and stand in the gap (like Moses did) for our generation.
  • Stop ignoring or recasting the question about our fruitfulness so that we can be self-focussed.
  • Band together to see a world-wide movement of God bearing fruit for many generations to come

What do you think we should do?



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4 09 2008

As a prophetic person, although I don’t live in the US, my spirit immediately resonated with this word… and it’s definitely not something limited to the United States!

I’ll be linking to this post in my own blog, as we need to focus our attention on it and ponder it – and as you say, then get up and DO something!

As for what I think should be done – one word rises in my spirit, along with a Scripture verse. The Spirit said the word, “REPENT!” and the Scripture was “If my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I shall hear from heaven and shall forgive their sins, and heal their land.”

4 09 2008


4 09 2008

I totally agree with bajanpoet that we must repent. And I agree with Jeremy that we have much to repent of. But I do have a question about the whole issue of fruitlessness. While I agree that the Church generally speaking has not yet dealt with or begun to catch up with the need to shed outmoded ways of “doing church” that are no longer as effective as they once were, I wonder if we are placing too much blame on the Church or on outmoded forms, lack of dsiciple training etc. for the fruitlessness. Is it possible that the deeper cause of fruitlessness is that we in the West are up against a culture or cultures that are growing increasingly hardened to the Gospel? Is it possible that God is in Romans 1 fashion giving the West over to its rebellioin against Him?

I haven’t yet seen anyone talk about this side of the equation as a possible explanation for our current situation. I did have a brief conversation with a small group of borthers and sisters about it recently, and the one in the group who is most evidently an evangelist shared that he had been seeing less and less responsiveness to the Gospel in the last 5-10 years. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

5 09 2008
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5 09 2008

The church is the body of Christ. That organization/institution that often bears the name of church has become a part of the culture, and is generally indistinguishable from the culture. True, that organization may include some people who are truly part of the body of Christ, but to call that organization the church is a stretch.

I have a relative whose father grew up during the depression, fought in WWII and generally had very little until he was older. He decided that his daughter should have everything he could provide. And provide he did. He has been gone for some years now, and his daughter is one of the most miserable people I know.

Yes, we have had the resources available that Jeremy listed, and many more. That is changing, and there are those of us who believe that change will accelerate. Could it be that God is leading us away from dependence on our good times and all our material goods to dependence upon Him?

If repentance is changing our mind, turning around and going the other way, is this not what God is calling our culture to do? Is this not what he is calling those organizations that call themselves churches to do? Is He not calling us to depend upon Him, rather than our apparent prosperity, which like the lilies of the field may be beautiful today, but gone tomorrow. He is eternal, unchangeable, a very present help in the time of need.

7 09 2008

Scott – I see your point. I think to truly KNOW if we’re in a Romans 1 state of being “given over” we would have to be given that prophetic word. Its hard for me to tell the difference between being hard and being hardened by God.

I think that being under God’s judgment through being hardened is exactly the kind of thing I felt the need to intercede about. That God would not give up on our generation (in the macro sense). That God would raise up leaders who would lead us toward true and lasting fruitfulness. If Nineveh could turn the heart of God surely so can we. But I don’t lay the blame at the feet of church models (although this needs to be addressed). I think the issue of our generation is we truly don’t care about being fruitful as long as we are happy.

Sam – Yes, I think in one sense it will be spiritual blessing to have less abundance. However I have to wonder when are we going to learn to be blessed by God and continue to seek him.

Just read this interesting bit on Brian Ingraham’s blog

…the following ‘prophecy,’ made at the Azusa St. Revival in 1906:



10 09 2008

I wish I could find a reference for that prophecy. It has too much of the ring of truth. I doubt its authenticity.

10 09 2008

David – That’s why I love having you in the body! Thanks for checking up on it (I’m too lazy). I love how the level of truth makes it less believable as well. 😉 INTP’s rule!

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