Learning to Walk with God

27 07 2008
  • “Have you had your quiet time today?”
  • “Are you spending time in the Word?”
  • “How is your prayer life?”

These accountability questions have, for me, betrayed a belief that a walk with God is ultimately a discipline at its core.  Even when we train people we focus such attention on consistency but we can easily skip the root issue.

In my life I’ve neglected walking with God because it felt like a chore.  It was toilsome and not life-giving.  But this is the opposite of the abudant life Christ came to give us.

Recently I’ve been seeking two things in my walk with God – joy and deep connection.  Now it’s almost impossible for me to imagine not spending time every day with him but its because I’m so filled with joy in his presence.  Temptations that used to seem attractive pale in comparison with what I experience every day in my time with the Lord.  When you worship what you were made to worship all the silly counterfeits fade away.

What a difference this has made.  I think I finally get what Piper was trying explain with “Christian hedonism” and our purpose in “glorifying God BY enjoying him forever.”  But I had to experience it myself, and so do you.

It takes an entirely different approach than the way I was trained.  The minutes and hours slip by as I worship him, listen to him, feast on his Word, pray in the Spirit and I know he is right here with me, directing my thoughts and filling my being with life in his Spirit.

Take an hour a day and just pursue joy in the Lord and deep connection with him using whatever helps you discover this.  I started with writing on a white board what I would do if I had an hour with my only goal being to connect with God.  If you go through the motions and haven’t connected with God you might have actually made the problem worse by draining your spirit of joy, entering your day with less energy and hope.  So start over, erase what stole life and dig into and expand what gave you life.

Connect with God the Father through the work of Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit and dwell in his presence, listening to his voice and glorifying him with all your being.  In a phrase – walk with God.

So let’s start asking questions like

  • “Did you connect with God today?”
  • “Are you experiencing the joy of the Lord?”
  • “Are you looking forward to anything tomorrow more than your time with the Lord”

We might then actually discover the real problem and so doing, discover “life to the full.”



9 responses

28 07 2008

Great post!

6 11 2009

I need to work on this …. rly.. my views have been so misdirected it’s almost rediuclous..

29 07 2008

I love it. Definitely will use those questions rather than the ‘traditional’ ones… don’t want Christianity to be a chore, but an encounter with a Divine Person 😀

29 07 2008
Don Davis

You nailed it! You have expressed some of the same struggles I have dealt with. Can you imagine spending time with your spouse was a matter of being more disciplined! Whew – that won’t last long. I spend time with my wife because I love her and we enjoy one another’s company. It should be the same with Jesus. Every day after dinner if we can, my wife and I take a walk – because we want too – not because we can check of some box saying we had our quiet time together.

The Lord is with us always as he promised, all we need to do is acknowledge his presence and visit with him as we walk through life. Hey – then maybe we can really see what he is doing and do that rather than spending our time dreaming up stuff we hope he will bless.

3 08 2008

Don – Yes, we must approach this like a real relationship and revelation (read: communication) will follow.

We need to find what brings us joy in his presence and press in from there.

18 11 2008
Chris in RVA


This is a good word at the right time for me. Thanks for helping us with motivations of the heart rather than banging on our will.

Hope you don’t mind, I’m robbing it to encourage those who frequent my blog… with props, of course!


19 09 2009
Andrew Robert

Thank you, all the way from Inda, opend up my mind and spirit. Do share
more. God Bless

11 12 2010

I use to really dislike driving, however now I have Gods Word and various Bible studies on C.D.. So as I am driving I am ministered to and now what a blessing it is to go for a drive.

Praise God for his Word those who do not read or listen to it have missed out on what Jesus meant in John 7:37-38 God Bless all

6 07 2012

I lead an apostolic team in a large city in Central Asia (please don’t make my email public). We have a defined strategy and something we call our Central Action – three things that we believe that, if we do them, we will be giving God the room he needs to make something amazing happen here. Here it is: “Every day we connect meaningfully with Jesus, we obey what he has said, and we discuss him with someone.”

Great post, man.

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