Mission D.C. Debrief

23 07 2008

A team of us from Storyhill spent the past 5 days in the Northern Virginia / Washington D.C. area discussing the restoration of our mission through discipleship training, the restoration of our church through body life and the restoration of our families through visionary headship.  It was an amazing 5 days and here are some of my observations –

I think everyone alive should make a pilgrimage to experience the Long family’s hospitality at least once during their life because it is truly a taste (both literally and figuratively) of the Kingdom’s presence on the Earth.  Many thanks to all in your household!  May your Sabbath table always overflow in abundance and may your daughters always dance with joy before the Lord.

Lifelong friendships were forged.  All the men I met on this trip excude a passion for Christ that deeply encouraged and connected with me.  Our journey together on this road to Zion is just beginning my brothers.

The Gospel was beautifully reenacted.  Being served communion by Sammy and observing the daily offices in readings, worship and prayer through Gavin’s leadership has deepened my faith and connection to Christ and the Gospel.

Major steps of faith are being taken.  I saw people courageously embrace change in a commitment to reclaim our lost practices.  I can already see the hundreds of disciples that will be made and the Body of Christ that will grow from the faith being demonstrated.  Let us run the race with perseverance.

Roomies Rock!  Luke and Lindsey were such a help to me and made the whole trip run seamless and smooth.

God willing it appears I’ll be back very soon to begin Story-Formed Life training.  Can’t wait to see you all again!



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