Live with us for a season at Storyhill

6 06 2008

Checkout the page I’ve added to give everyone info on the opportunity of living life with our family for a season – Stay at Storyhill.

Families, young marrieds, singles all welcome!  God’s been really challenging us to open our lives and demonstrating to us that discipleship involves being spiritual fathers and mothers which requires giving people greater access.  This is an attempt to be obedient to that calling and to see what God will do.




4 responses

6 06 2008

Very cool, you guys!

11 06 2008
Michelle Eastman

Jeremy and April!

I sent you an e-mail and then decided to google you and found this terrific site! I SO wish we lived closer so we could spend time together in person talking and sharing and debating – just like the days of yor at TMC. ;o)

I hope your family is doing well and enjoying your new home.

Let’s reconnect!


PS – I enjoyed the Tyrannus blog post …. you have certainly found your niche and it is exciting to see!

11 06 2008
Michelle Eastman

PSS – obviously I am not going to bring my brood to come live with you – but what a bout a long weekend visit? How surreal would it be to see all of our children interacting with one another?!? It has been 15 YEARS since we were in college – can you believe that? Yikes.

11 06 2008

That would be killer. A combined brood. A mega-brood if you will.

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