The Flow of the Story-Formed Life

2 06 2008

The SFL has 10 pieces and each builds on the next and here I’m discussing how those parts fit together.  There are also two major parts – Part 1: Creations to Lordship and Part 2: Sonship to Re-Creation and I describe the objectives of each.

All of these videos are going to be pieced together on a site I’m developing to help train people to do the 10-week training.




3 responses

3 06 2008
Jonathan Brink

Jeremy, nice presentation and flow. We found that people were much more likely to follow Jesus when they were placed into the context of their own restoration, engaging Missio Dei. This was huge for us. It created an ethic of participation.

3 06 2008
Jonathan Brink

I forgot to ask, do you do the 10 weeks in midrash form?

3 06 2008

Hi Jonathan – Man, like I said in a previous comment, I’d really like to dig into your process. I like the idea of serving with these trainees but I have an issue with enfolding them into our body before they train. Our bodies are not like most MC. We have 1 Cor. 14 style gatherings so its impossible to participate if you are not a disciple. There are no “leaders” during the gathering and it takes considerable training to fully engage.

Yes we this via Midrash. We all study Scripture during the week on the topic and Midrash through the passage before we go into training groups.

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