What is the Story-Formed Life Discipleship Training?

2 05 2008

If you know anything about what I actually do you know I spend a great deal of time training disciples and training trainers of disciples and all of this begins with a course called “The Story-Formed Life”.  I’m spending so much time in fact that I’m thinking about creating a site that will help equip people to use this training and the center of that site will be a video course.

So from time to time I’ll post videos here that I’m making for that course.

Here’s my first shot at it –




4 responses

3 05 2008

Thanks for putting this up, Jerm. It helps me @ least get some idea what you’re thinking about, and I like what I see/hear. Nice use of “vis a vis,” too. Well played.

3 05 2008
Steve McCoy

Jeremy, really appreciate this. Looking forward to more videos.

7 05 2008

I think that in general, the importance of Bible Stories for evangelism and discipleship among both “primarily oral” (aka “illiterate”) and “secondarily oral” (“post modern”, “post literate”, “read for survival not enjoyment”) crowd is making a comeback even in the the US/UK.

11 05 2008

Chuck – the only caveat I would point out to what you are saying is that, even in a highly literate culture, people should still be primarily formed by the Story of God. The Bible uses narrative not simply because it’s an accessible tool for many people at various levels but also because its the BEST tool for us understanding his character and our identity.

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