O You of Little Faith

3 04 2008

journey_of_faith1.jpgWhen the disciples made mistakes in word or deed the most common response they received from the Master is “O you of little faith”. But no one says this today.

When I would wrestle with theological questions people said to me “O you of little knowledge, go to Bible college” (hey that rhymes).

When I would struggle with sin it was “O you of little righteousness, get accountability”.

But what is with Jesus’ obsession with the extent of our faith?

Going through the Story-Formed Life now for the 8th time I can say conclusively that everywhere we go we encounter people who believe faith is NOT a matter of degrees but a simple on/off switch or a yes or no and, therefore, not the root of their problem. But it is. People’s action and even their emotions are always, to a large extent, rooted in deep seated beliefs they’ve been trained in (by accident or intentionally for good or ill).

When you consider your discipleship or the discipleship of others realize that your primary role is helping people deepen their faith in truths they already know. How is this done? There are two primary things you do to build faith in a training environment.

1. Midrash the truth
2. Expose the lies

Both require an open conversation with intense dialogue and the opportunity for people to share what’s really going on in their hearts (step into the light). This process works. Teaching via monologue is useful for declaring something people do not yet know but monologue will rarely build deeper faith in things already known and can just as often harden people’s hearts over time as they believe they know so much but it has so little impact on their lives.



3 responses

5 04 2008

The content of this post is breaking me in many good ways. Thanks for sharing.

2 12 2009

Awesome is all I have to say. God has spoken to me.

25 02 2011
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