Discipleship as Hope

5 03 2008

I was chatting with the Father this morning when he gave me a new word – that “discipleship is what gives hope to men”.

I’ve been pondering it’s meaning and it struck me how different this sounds then the rather harsh way I talk and think about discipleship. I often view it as butt-kicking a rebellious people into the life they’ve already agreed to but refuse to live out.

The Father opened my heart to this other dimension. His sons and daughters long to be free and we experience our promised salvation through discipleship.

  • It is through discipleship that we can be transformed
  • It is through discipleship that we can live a different kind of life
  • It is through discipleship that we take on the very life of Jesus himself

It’s a message of grace, love and hope and not condemnation. True sons and daughters of the Father want to please the Father, obtaining the resources necessary to live this new life.

Christianity in our day is littered with leaders who have lost hope that true transformation can occur for the sons and daughters of the King. They feel we must settle for something less than being new creatures. They herd God’s children into vast holding tanks, spiritual nurseries, never intending to see them grow into maturity – having no hope that a new life can be realized and giving no hope to those entrusted to their care.

But we can be different. If you long for a new life please know that it is possible. It is near you. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Never settle for anything less.




3 responses

9 03 2008

Dude, I completely agree. Discipleship is the process of us shedding all that hinders us to become all God intended us to be. It is like all great works of art. Much sacrifice, but all for a great reward. Love this post.

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20 03 2008

I guess this idea of hope in discipleship could be morphed into what we’re truly called to set our hope in . . . Peter tells us to set our hope FULLY on the grace to be given when Christ is revealed. Yes, discipleship is our journey to this time and place, but I don’t know that “it” can be what we hope in and for, whether for us or others.

26 03 2008

Stumbled across this post today……really loved it and it was a great reminder of what I’m supposed to be clinging too in this season. It made me miss your presence and insight in out gatherings too, they are good but just not the same without you and your family.

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