Give it up for the Body

12 12 2007

bodyofchrist.jpgSo my last few thoughts have been a bit heavy so let’s do something kind of different for a change (and because I can’t think of anything deep and profound this late at night).

I’ve really enjoyed our community these past few months, particularly in the way we are helping each other live much fuller lives through a diverse network of deep relationships (the body).

So enough taking it for granted! Click on the link below and give it up for a person in the community who has made your life fuller by their life, their gifts, their presence.

No, I didn’t suddenly become a feeler (how dare you think such a thing) but we all need to regularly acknowledge how much we need each other. Don’t let your silence be taken for indifference. Let the mush fest begin.



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12 12 2007

OK, why not, I’ll start.

Sarah Hack, I’m so blessed by the way you’ve only been to the body gathering a couple of times and you so boldly and skillfully use Scripture to build other up.

You’re shattering my preconceived notion that it takes people many weeks, nay months, of gathering to boldly contribute.

Thanks for stepping out!


12 12 2007

OK, since I’m the only one here I’ll keep going.

Rhett Barbour. I’m only beginning to enjoy the presence of another INTx around. I don’t know how two introverts are supposed to ever really get to know one another but maybe, given enough time, we’ll actually sit down to a cup of coffee someday and wonder how this world of feelers would ever get along without us. 🙂

12 12 2007

Okay Renee Herman. I love how much you have grown over the years I’ve known you. You are truly an example of what it looks like to go from someone living for their own agenda and someone who has dropped their nets and run full-heartedly after discipleship with their Lord. You are an encouragement to me.

12 12 2007

By the way, I totally feel like this is the most passive-aggressive way to encourage ever . . . but who cares! Mark Treas makes me happy. You make us laugh and probably make some of us uncomfortable at times, and I love it. No one connects people with the same charisma as you. I can sit and watch your gifts working and thank God that we have you in our body. I have never seen as significant a transformation take place in a man as I have in you over the last 3 years. I attribute a ‘whelming portion of my growth and awesomeness to you my friend.

12 12 2007

Is there anything that John Herman isn’t amazing at? . . . (that was rhetorical, so please don’t answer that question) Either I’m slow on the intake or you have made some deep changes over the last year. Regardless, I see a new confidence in who you are in Christ. You (and Renee) have played a large role in my family’s stepping out on faith over the last 6 months. Thank you for your simplified clarity for those of us who tend to over-complicate things and your ability to make everything better . . . perfect example . . .

Rhett: “How do we know if we’re in step with the spirit?”

Herman: “Is the fruit of the Spirit evident in your life?”

Seriously, no on else in my life would come back with an answer that simple and that accurate.

We all need to be a little more Hermanized!

12 12 2007

This one goes out to the Pryor kids…so maybe Jeremy or April can let them read this one day. 🙂 I have learned so, SO much from all four of you over the past few months that I was able to watch you and hang out with you. I’ve gotten much practice in changing diapers, I’ve learned that having the same meal for lunch everyday can be a healthy option and that you won’t get bored of it, I’ve learned that yogurt with fresh strawberries is the most AMAZING creation, I’ve learned that little kids can ask some of the most profound questions (i.e. Kelsey and me having an hour conversation about Lazarus being dead, and what it’s like when we die and are put into caskets and graves), I’ve learned that 3-year olds can say awesome prayers, I’ve learned that boys with lots of energy are okay playing by themselves, I’ve learned that marbles are THE WAY TO GO, I’ve learned that having a child without her diaper on for two minutes can be a risky endeavor, I’ve learned that getting kids packed up and in the car is EXTREMELY different from hanging out at the house all day, I’ve gained a HUGE respect for “Sunshine Nap” and the freedom it gave me to do stuff (i.e. sleep too), and I’ve learned that despite yelling at or punishing a kid all day, somehow they still love you enough to give you a hug at the end of the day and to be overly excited the next time they see you (even if it’s only 30 minutes later at discipleship). Thanks guys, you’re all amazing, and I feel VERY well-prepared to be a mom now. Love you all!

12 12 2007

I guess I’ll join in on the love fest!

Barbours, thank you for the gift of authenticity you bring to our community. Your willingness to be open “keeps it real.”

Eric and Julia, your passion for the Spirit-led life was a much needed adrenaline boost to the Body. Thanks for encouraging us to keep the gathering Spirit-focused.

Stephen, I’m often amazed how the Lord uses scripture he planted in you to teach and impart truth and wisdom to others. You’ve inspired me to dig deep into scripture so I can give the Holy Spirit a chance to use me in that way. Your passion for scripture and truth is contagious.

Jerry and Janet, thank you for gathering with people nearly half your age and not believing society’s lies that demographics define and separate us. Our Body has been unbelievably blessed by your wisdom and life experience.

Jeremy, to state the obvious, each one of us has been blessed by your unwavering commitment and vision to God’s design for the Church. I’ve never met anyone that approaches literally everything in life with such a high degree of purpose.

12 12 2007

Let’s see. I’ll have to say Stephen and John both have played a huge role in my walk here of late by guiding me with my talents and future goals. Mark has played an awesome role as well by just listening to me and being blunt with me when I needed it. Eric has helped me greatly. I’d dare to say I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Eric’s help. He got me wheels and a house and has taught me a few things on the way. Also I’d like to mention Emily, Wendi, and Sarah for just opening their homes to Mike and I for dinner. Also Jeremy has helped greatly in my walk with just his teachings of the scripture. Geeze ok I’m gonna just thank everyone. This is taking too long to spell it all out. I’ll be here all day. My deepest thanks goes to everyone for all of you show new things about God daily.

12 12 2007

DANG. I wrote something yesterday, and it never showed up??? Anyway-Katie Moore, I am so excited about all the growth in your life! I know that God is going to use you in big ways!

Mark Treas-thanks for always making everyone feel important every time you talk to them!

Tiffany-no matter when I talk to you, you are always gentle and kind!

13 12 2007

April – the way you shine as a godly mother is truly an inspiration. i am so thankful for the small tips that have made a huge difference in my life, ie marbles and having a portable office. i love the transparency you have when sharing what God is doing in your life.

Jeremy – thank you for being obedient to what God has called you to do. your teachings are transforming lives, mine significantly. your passion for releasing gifts has brought God’s Kingdom down! keep it up!

Heather – thanks for being an incredible friend who listens to my ramblings as i try to decipher what God is calling me to do. you are such an encourager to me. i am excited to become old ladies together!

Tiffany – your growth in the Spirit this year has been amazing to watch. it inspires me to keep at it. your example of living to your fullest in the hum-drum life of motherhood and reaching out to your neighbors has completely challenged me to do the same. i look forward to what God will do with you and i as we continue to press into the Spirit.

Eric – (is this cheesy that i am doing this for my husband? ah well…) it has been a privelege to stand beside you as you have been released into your gifts. keep it up!

John and Renee – i am so thankful that you have stepped out as a family and challenged the american lifestyle of complacency and consumerism and well, the list could continue of all the evils you have renounced. it is sweet to see you in action teaching others how to live well and effectively. i am challenged by your unwavering hearts to serve.

13 12 2007

for Koine: This body at large from the time it was a small gathering (before I moved here) through the FTCC bodychurch time and now Koine has challenged me in ways I never thought a Church could. Truth used to seem so abstract to me but is now concrete and unmovable and it is transforming my life by tearing down each lie built by my past. To the men, I had no idea before living here what a godly man or father even looked like. To the women, you inspire me, your unrelenting sacrifices for Christ, your families and the work of the Holy Spirit have shown me a completely different way to live. Thank you for being the living, breathing Church.

Stephen & Tiffany, it all started in planning an event called the Journey, who knew it would lead to the biggest journey of my life. Thanks for walking (sometimes, ok most times it was babysteps) it with me. Your unconditional love is giving me a new paradigm in which to view relationships and family. Angus and Desmond, you’ve captured a place in my heart I thought no child could with your boundless love and energy.

Jeremy & April, wow, the idea of meeting the two of you made me so nervous at one time, now I can’t imagine not having your family in my life. Thank you for getting me, for taking the time to really help me unpack the baggage in my mind and love me enough to not let it stay there so you help me lay it the cross. Your ability to see the Truth and state it so matter of factly is amazing.

Kelsey, I’ve never met another 8 year old who I want to be exactly like when I grow up!

Renee, your ability to communicate amazes me. You say exactly what needs to be said and only what needs to be said. I love that!

Julia, I always think of you as a cheerleader, I love that you can see what I am going to be on the other side of “this”. Your gift of discernment is truly amazing, thank you for using it for His glory and not your own.

Eric, you can always make laugh, even if you are ridiculous!

Treas, have you guys heard of the Wondertwins? That’s what I think of when I think of you. An unstoppable duo!

Bellevue Secret Babes, what amazing women of God you are. You have totally made the single life in Christ attractive. I find myself drawn to you because I want to imitate your walks with Christ. Thank you for being available!

Katie, I love the exuberance you have to embrace all that the Holy Spirit is leading you to do, it’s contagious! I love that you get me too. Thanks for having my back!

Chris, Shawn, Mike, Dave, Nathan, I had no idea there were single, manly guys out there who love and serve Jesus like you do.

Ford and Erin, proof that you can be good looking and lovers of Christ, hehehe!! Erin, it inspires me to see you embrace all of us so freely and open your life to us so quickly, I’m still learning that. Ford, the way you embrace Lordship is awe-inspiring, you truly are a sojourner.

Sarah, you unwaivering but gentle spirit encourages me to be meek and mild. Thanks for loving chick flicks as much as I do, it’s amazing having such an awesome GodChick only 14 steps away from me!

Barbours, I can’t quite think of the words to accurately describe you. I love your candor and uncompromisable spirits. I’m so glad you stuck with us through the difficult times because it feels like now we are in the sweet spot.

14 12 2007

I have to admit this is overwhelming for me, as there is so much I love about each of you, and I know I will miss someone or something.

So I will simply keep adding as I think of stuff.

Sarah Hack – You have grown so much since when I first met you. Your identity in Christ and confidence in who He has made and is making you to be is beautiful. I love how He has been speaking to and through you through scripture. Keep pressing into Him!

Wendi- You have been faced with some hard stuff in the past weeks. Thank you for choosing truth recently. I emplore you to stay the course! Don’t get distracted! “But the Lord is faithful! He will strengthen and protect you from the evil one.” !!! “He who has begun a good work in you will be faithful to complete it!” I am so glad you came to Ft. Thomas.

April – Loyal, amazing friend. You are a fantastic model for home management, motherhood, wifeness(if that’s not a word, it should be) and being an honest disciple of Christ and I love you and am so grateful for you!

Julia – I love your “cut to the chase” -ness. Your genuine love and how you encourage and challenge me.

Renee – You are so kind hearted. You think of so many details and remember people. The fact that you have remembered every birthday and anniversary always blows me away. You give 100% and it shows.

Heather – Your honesty/transparency and genuine pursuit of Christ in the midst of fear and the enemies attacks has been inspirational. War on sister!

Ang – your act of love for our children by planning that cooking class rocked my world.

Katie – I hardly know you, but the fact that you knew that our field trip/ outing day was Wednesday and asked me about, shows that you pay attention to others and actually care.

Erin – Your willingness to jump in and serve is so encouraging! I am so excited to grow in friendship with you!

Emily – Your straight forwarded truthfulness is always refreshing. I have also been so blessed by your art work. I want that one painting should you ever decide to sell it!

Janet – thank you for the wisdom and experience you bring. I am often encouraged by you.

okay, so someone I got through all the ladies…what can I say?

14 12 2007

Jeremy Pryor. Hands down.

I cannot even begin to explain how encouraging it is to know a modern day Abraham! Your teaching is the best and most inspiring I have known. (Along with Mark’s wicked awesomeness. But I’ll get to that in a second.) You are so rare, so true and honorable, so chosen to be a pioneer of faith and church. Thank you for opening your home and everything you have for the sake of bringing others closer to God. Your life speaks to me more than you’ll ever know.

April Pryor – Your presence and truth speak volumes.

Sarah Hack – Can I ever say “I love you” too often? You are a precious treasure in my life and I cherish our friendship. You have the purest heart of anyone I have ever known. Your family blesses me immeasurably, as do our conversations and silliness. (so many funny memories J) God is so evident throughout all you do, say and endeavor.

The Treases. Mark – Everything about you is wicked awesome!! God worked through your leading a discipleship group to wake me up and grab hold of my heart again. Thanks for putting yourself out there and teaching with such honesty and vulnerability matched with stories of hunting, road rage and other amazing real-life illustrations that were great ways to make us laugh while examining really tough truths. God has set you apart to be such a spiritual leader. Trust it.

Heather – Oh, Heather. Haha. I just think of “extraordinary” whenever I think of you. Without your boldness in asking hard questions and willingness to pray such moving, life changing prayers in our discipleship group, God would not have brought me to the place of re-creation I am living in now. I greatly appreciate your friendship and conversations and wait eagerly for more of them. You were the grenade God used for a spiritual explosion in my life! Hahaha. It’s corny – but so true.
Wendi – you hospitality and time being creative together have richly blessed my life. I am excited to spend more time together. God is doing a great work in you.

The Barbours – you’re great. Thanks for being who you are. Rhett I SO appreciate your thinker-ness! Thanks for speaking up often times when your input is greatly needed. I am really encouraged by your authenticity and hospitality.

15 12 2007

Eric & Julia~ I don’t know many people who would give up their home and everything in it for 3 whole months to people who you really didn’t know too much about except that they too loved and pursued Jesus. That was such a concrete example of what the body should look like. I know I am and forever will be impacted by your love and generosity.

Mark & Heather~ really looking forward to getting to know you guys better. I don’t know if I’ve ever met a couple where all four people click so well. Your passion for Jesus and the story He is drawing is amazing and pumps me up every time I’m around it.

Jeremy & April~ don’t know if I could’ve asked for a better brother and sister (in-law). You guys have been such an example to Ben and I as what followers of Jesus really look like. The only complaint I do have is I wish we lived closer!

Ang~your cooking class was such a ministry to my kids and I. What an awesome idea and way to put it into action. I only wish we had something like that out here.

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