Confessions of a Christian Abortionist

4 12 2007

I have something to confess that I’ve not told anyone.  A long time ago, when I was a young, inexperienced Christian I performed several Christian abortions.  Yes, I did the unthinkable.  I took someone who was experiencing a powerful move of the Holy Spirit, who might have confessed Lordship and become a true disciple of Christ and I pointed him to some easier way that fell far short of real conversion.

I clearly remember my first abortion.  It was at a Billy Graham Crusade in Seattle, Washington.  After the message I went down to the floor as a counselor to help those who wanted to become Christian Disciples.  There was a man who seemed ready for anything – he was ready to give up his life and looked to me to find out what to do next.  So I pulled out the first and most effective tool in the Christian abortionist’s kit – the Sinner’s Prayer.  “All you have to do is pray this prayer and really mean it and you’re a Christian.”  I told my unsuspecting victim.  After I had performed the heinous act I pulled out the finishing tool in my kit, a Bible study booklet for his first few weeks as a new “Christian”.  And what was the first study about – Assurance of Salvation.  It trained him to NEVER question whether or not he was a Christian.  He could put the date of this event right in the booklet and any doubts that might come afterward were certainly not from God and could and should be completely ignored.  The abortion was an amazing success.

I performed a few other Christian abortions that year before I was finally confronted by the biblical path to conversion – real faith that results in the life-abandoning act of verbally confessing  “Jesus is Lord”.  Ever since then I’ve dedicated my life to recovering the damage done by Christian abortionists.  I strive to train dying fetuses how to enter Christ’s Kingdom.  It’s the least I could do after the damage I caused.  But I find that, more often than not, the Christian abortionist knew their craft all too well and it’s simply too late.

But each time I see another one recovered it gives me hope.

Because someday Jesus prophesied that he will stand before a vast sea of people who call him “Lord” and have performed amazing ministry in His name.  And when Jesus tells them plainly , “I never knew you” (Matthew 7:21-23) whose face will spring before their mind, amidst their horror, as they realize they’ve experienced the ultimate betrayal. My guess – their Christian Abortionist



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4 12 2007

Wow! What an excellent analogy. I may have performed a few of these abortions myself. Fortunately for me, I kept my own conversion beginnings very private, at least up until I was fully in the throes of labor, so no one attempte to abort me. But I was still taught to teach the sinner’s prayer and that, even though that’s not how I ended up coming to Christ. We would be so disappointed at how so many of the kids in our youth group drifted away from church, especially those who were ‘saved’ in those mega altar calls at revivals. Smoke and mirrors.

4 12 2007

Yes, I was a youth pastor and a lot of my convictions regarding how dangerous and damaging our evangelism methods are have come from watching such an enormous number of youth use their “salvation experience” as fire insurance. I fear for them and know it could have been so different.

13 10 2008
Brad Currah

It’s fun to use words like abortion to gain for our ideas and passions the attention that we think they deserve. However, if we’re going to use language like this to make a point, we need to thoroughly tease the analogy out and carefully qualify our statements. I understand the point, (not sure who the author is), but again the message is almost lost in the fireworks of that dreaded word. For example, I suppose Satan would have to be involved in this kind of “abortion” (the seed that fell along the path) and God would have to be involved (no one can be snatched from His hand), in which case the power that this alleged abortionist has is immense and fearful… maybe even mighty enough to circumvent the will of God and the role of Satan. Or maybe, it’s just a frightful word someone has loosely tied to a common American “ministry” practice… a word that was depended upon too heavily in order to bring attention to the point: “I’ve done ministry wrongly. I want to do better.”

To the author: Me too. God, have mercy on us. God, have mercy on the Church.

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