Geez Jeremy you’re a bit brash

1 12 2007

sparta.gifJust read this about my personality type and thought it might explain my aggressive style on this blog –

“The purpose then of his outspoken style of argument is to sharpen his own intuitive understanding by testing the reaction of the listener, and indeed to examine the logic of his own arguments in real time while speaking them out. On occasion, INTPs may seem brash and tactless, but for themselves it is part of their way of getting closer to the truth”




5 responses

3 12 2007

Amen brother!!!

5 12 2007
Dave Hansen

I just did mine last night. Mine is ISFJ but very border lined. If your P was a J you would have been my arch nemesis.

5 12 2007

Nice…that means Emily Caine is your arch nemesis. Good luck with that 🙂

7 12 2007

I will admit it took me a while to get used to this characteristic of your personality but it is nice to know that even if the truth is hard to stomach at times I know it’s simply that…..the Truth. And it is after all what makes you a fork.

3 01 2008

I just googled my name…and THIS page is what came up!!! ha.

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