Brownie Pan Makes ALL Edge Pieces

1 12 2007

brownies.jpgI didn’t think I wanted anything for Christmas until I saw this!  Everyone knows that the edge pieces in a brownie pan are 79% better than inside pieces so some supernaturally-inspired genius has devised this pan that makes ALL edge pieces taking awesomeness to a whole new level.  You’re welcome.




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2 12 2007

Well I want a pan that will give me NO edge pieces. Where can I find that?

3 12 2007

I second Kami’s request. In fact, being a math teacher I challenge the notion that edge pieces are 79% better than middle pieces. That is why in their original form, middle brownies make up approximately 65.0298% of a typical brownie end product. Obviously, God would not have allowed such statistically sound evidence be a part of the standard brownie system without his approval. So, with that being said and since all brownies typically get eaten, close to 65% of the population prefers the middle to edges.

Note: This mathematical calculation is based of the standard 12×14 inch pan cutting 2.5×2.5 inch square pieces.

4 12 2007

um…I humbly must admit that you seem to be right about the majority of the population preferring inside pieces.

At Wendi’s house on Saturday I performed a double blind scientific experiment with a pan of delicious Ghirardelli brownies and to my shock and amazement a group of hitherto enlightened test subjects proceeded to eat the middle while leaving the end pieces. Like children who play with mud pies while mommy bakes lemon raspberry river cheesecake these clueless participants left the end pieces to my consumption.

On the other hand I guess their ignorance is my bliss.

13 12 2007

I LOVE this pan too, and Rhett better get it for me sometime soon…if not Christmas, then my 25th birthday. Edge pieces are by far the best…and yes, I too, delight in others’ ignorance as they dish me the edge pieces. I even have a friend who specifically cuts out the edge pieces just for me and sets them aside – so not only does her ignorance give me all the yummy, crispiness I adore, but I get virtually 3x as many brownies as everyone else who have to share the few remaining middle pieces. It’s heaven. You need to find someone as ignorant as she is who will give you the edge pieces until you can get your hands on this pan. 🙂

16 10 2009
Jeffrey T.

Jeez….those of us who like edge pieces don’t like them for the taste….they taste the same as the rest of the middle brownies….it’s the texture and the chewiness….which is the whole point of the edge pan! I saw this on “Martha” some time back….and she said that people who BAKE brownies typically like the corners better (she called them corners, not “edges”). And most places that SELL those “things” that pass for brownies in stores—wrapped in saran wrap….hardly ever SELL the edges…they want uniform, weighted, measured squares that they can sell for $3.50 each (or more)….and you can bake about two batches of brownies at home for the cost of one — edges or not.

St. Louis

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