Discipleship is the Mission

24 09 2007

DiscipleshipI’ve wrestled with many ideas of what it means to build the Kingdom.  Seeing people “saved”, developing the “new community”, redeeming the city, ministry to the needy, worship and intercession and many others.  I’ve agonized over many of these areas and how I need to grow these values in my life.  But as important as each of these things are, is there a central mission?  What does it really mean to seek the Kingdom?

When Jesus was on the Earth he could have worked to win thousands of converts, to developing communities in every town, to reforming the city or the culture etc.  But what was his central mission?  He longed to make a few truly devoted disciples.  He wanted to see the Kingdom in the hearts of men.  Isn’t this THE mission?  Is not this His Kingdom?

What would happen if every church, every ministry and every disciple on the Earth centered their activity on making disciples.  In doing this one thing would we not see the Kingdom come in its fullness in our lifetime?

“I have brought you glory on earth by COMPLETING the work you gave me to do…I have revealed you to those [disciples] whom you gave me out of the world.” – Jesus




3 responses

24 09 2007

I totally agree about making disciples being the heart of the mission. On the other end of that is the realization of redemption. Discipleship is the means to the end of the full glory of God on display in His Kingdom.

Still, much thought is deserved on looking at the life and ministry of Christ and the apostles to understand what is involved and necessary to truly equip and be able to say like Paul that we have fully proclaimed the gospel in both word and with our lives.

26 09 2007

Yah, I think that’s an excellent distinction. These other parts of the mission like redeeming the culture or reforming the city are really byproducts of aggressive successful discipleship. Not the other way around.

26 09 2007

Making disciples carries a particular delight–more than any other accomplishment for expenditure of our time. The blessing is magnified as are the results of your investment.

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