The DiSC Network (Discipling in Simple Churches)

22 09 2007

(sent to friends and fellow church planters)

I’m taking a first shot at branding and creating a defined scope for a church planting network.

DiSC (Discipling in Simple Churches) Network.

I registered

As I’ve struggled through what type of church relationships would bear the most fruit in a networking context I think I’ve narrowed it down to these 3 things –

1. Theology – Conservative, Reformed, HIGH view of Scriptural authority, open and encouraging in the practice of all of the Spiritual Gifts.
2. Mission – Each church would have an INTENTIONAL discipleship process at its center and see this as their central mission.
3. Structure – Simple – Because of the central mission to disciple and because institutional church structures are inherently flawed at disciple-making, churches in the network would adopt a more simple structure to the local body.

Our church is still wrestling through joining Acts 29 but it seems the Mission is not clearly disciple-making and we’re not sure yet if they would even accept let alone support a more simple structure for the local body.

As far as I can tell all that’s needed to create a vibrant network where we can help and encourage each other is –

Communication – Web Portal & regular networking events (maybe quarterly).
Training – This could be annually at first and then more frequently if needed.
Assessment – This could be decided down the road a bit as vision and doctrine are crystallized.

Am I missing anything?  Thoughts?




4 responses

22 09 2007
jon collins

DiSC is also a Leadership style assessment test I took in college.

22 09 2007

Ah yes I remember taking that as well.

22 09 2007

Keep me in the loop. There is a group call Affinity in the UK that The Crowded House is joined with.

25 09 2007

I’m excited to see how this develops. Grace and I are praying about if/how God can use us in this here in the seattle area.

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