Is the Emerging Church Exhausted? Are we Alone?

4 09 2007

I’ve been a bit of a bystander watching the emerging church train from a distance. There’s no lack of blogs and recent books to read but as an observer it seems like a river that has split into a hundred directions and almost all the water has evaporated.

I’m mostly apathetic but a part of me is somewhat sad. The Emerging Church conversation seemed mostly like a vehicle that was supposed to take us somewhere but a river that leads to dry ground simply means we’re more lost than ever.

I have great hope for what God is doing through our little community in Fort Thomas but I feel we’re soooo alone. I once thought the emerging church would join and perhaps prove to be a great companion but that seems not to be. They’re tired and offering little to no direction, no helping hand, no brotherly fellowship. I guess I really want to know, are we really alone?




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4 09 2007

You are not alone. It just feels that way. When you are in the front there’s not a crowd. Keep enjoying the moments, God will build the church.


29 09 2007

I was always saddened by the teachings of the emerging church. Some of the leaders teach antinomian grace without considering the consequences of giving people false assurance about remaining unrepentant. I would always feel a sadness and I could not understand the rejection of repentance, holiness, self denial etc. while redefining the love of Christ to mean come as you are, stay as you are. After several prayerful attempts to encourage those I knew to consider Words of Christ that required repentance, I would be left praying for God’s mercy for them.

There was also a defiance about most of the ones I knew. They seemed to defend, with crude sarcasm, their right to be vulgar and arrogant. All truth seemed to be relative, and standards were seen as bad.

Emergents remind me of the movement in the 60’s, but thankfully some in that movement eventually came to saving faith in Christ. Even broken cisterns can lead to God.

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