Has Christianity Done More Evil than Good?

30 07 2007

Should Christians apologize for the great evil done in Christ’s name?  This is a question I’ve asked but no longer after reading this rebuttal of Christopher Hitchen’s letter by Douglas Wilson in CT.

“…you say that if “Christianity is to claim credit for the work of outstanding Christians or for the labors of famous charities, then it must in all honesty accept responsibility for the opposite.” In short, if we point to our saints, you are going to demand that we point also to our charlatans, persecutors, shysters, slave-traders, inquisitors, hucksters, televangelists, and so on. Now allow me the privilege of pointing out the structure of your argument here. If a professor takes credit for the student who mastered the material, aced his finals, and went on to a career that was a benefit to himself and the university he graduated from, the professor must (fairness dictates) be upbraided for the dope-smoking slacker that he kicked out of class in the second week. They were both formally enrolled, is that not correct? They were both students, were they not?

What you are doing is saying that Christianity must be judged not only on the basis of those who believe the gospel in truth and live accordingly but also on the basis of those baptized Christians who cannot listen to the Sermon on the Mount without a horse laugh and a life to match. You are saying that those who excel in the course and those who flunk out of it are all the same. This seems to me to be a curious way of proceeding.”

Sydney (3 year old) demonstrates her online painting techniques

28 07 2007

Feeling excommunicated…again.

18 07 2007

Every once in a while we Protestants forget we’ve been excommunicated and its helpful to be periodically reminded that we’re not the true church. Check out this article by today’s Time “Pope: Christians Not True Church.

Community Living Rocks

10 07 2007

When we put our house up for sale we were really hoping God would bless us with a place where others could live with us in a way that would make it comfortable for all. Everything fell into place so perfectly. A house was available with an efficiency apt. over the garage and our friends Mark and Heather were willing to giving it a try since their lease just happened to be up.

Well, it has been awesome. They asked to take our kids out a few nights ago and took some sweet pics. Thank you Mark and Heather for loving our kids and for being such amazing roomies.